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Fuji 100-400 lens

I have recently purchased the latest Fuji lens and their first long telephoto.  Being a 100-400 on a crop sensor, this is the equivalent to 150-600 in 35mm.

I’ve not really had much opportunity to try it properly but the handheld image of a Robin in tree at 400mm shows how sharp the lens is.


Evening Light

Finally had a good sunset to coincide with the tide being in at Truro to get a shot of the Cathedral:-

Truro Cathedral
Truro Cathedral

Taken on the X-T1 with the 55-200 lens.  1/4 second at f11 on a tripod.

Fuji 18-135 Lens

Finally had a chance last night to try my new 18-135 lens on our “Up the Creek” boat trip.

This is a fantastic trip organised by Ann and Alan Cox for local charities where they charter one of the river ferries to take a group out on the very high tides to parts of the rivers you can’t usually access.

I’ve not tested it back to back with my 18-55 and 55-200 but initial impressions are that it’s not quite so sharp.  Here are a few of the sample images taken from a moving boat:-

Cottage at Flushing Penryn River St Just in Roseland Church Tregothnan

New lens

I’ve today bought a new Fuji 18-135 weather sealed lens.

Out walking this evening I managed to get this quick image of a fox, which would have been just a speck with my 18-55:-